When is trash / recycling / yard waste collected? What items are not collected?

Garbage Collection

Household Garbage is offered to City of Lewes residents as follows: 

  • Summer Collection - Twice a week garbage collection begins the last week of June through Labor Day. 
  • Winter Collection - Garbage is collected once a week September through June. 

Recycling Collection

Recycling is picked up by the City of Lewes weekly.  

Bulk Trash Collection

Bulk Trash Collection is available on the fourth Wednesday of each summer month (June through September) and the fourth Wednesday of every other month (November through May) at a charge of $50.00 per pick up. Pick-up can be scheduled by calling the City Manager's Office.

Items not collected include:

  • Appliances Containing or Having Contained Freon
  • Construction Materials
  • Paints / Chemicals
  • Tires
  • Tree Stumps

Other Waste

  • Leaf Collection - Leaf collection is free to City of Lewes Residents. A pick-up can be scheduled during November and December.
  • Yard Waste - The City of Lewes has contracted for yard waste. Please go to "Services" at the top of the main page for schedule details.

Trash and Recycle Cart Fee Change Effective Immediately 

The City is changing the price of the 64-gallon trash cart from $48 to $70 per cart effective immediately. The 96-gallon trash and recycling cart originally priced at $70 has been increased to $80. In our efforts to replenish our trash and recycle cart inventories, city expenses relating to the purchase price and shipping costs have increased significantly therefore necessitating these fee changes. In the past the City of Lewes received a grant from the State of Delaware for recycle carts and passed on this savings to our property owners by offering free recycle carts. This grant funding is no longer available to the city. Sometimes the Maintenance Department staff can fix minor repairs to carts such as a damaged lid, malfunctioning wheel, or broken handle. When your trash or recycle carts are damaged beyond these repairs new carts must be purchased by the property owner. If you have questions or if you need a new cart, please contact City Hall at 302-645-7777. 

More Information

For additional information on all City Services, please go to the 'Services' tab at the top of the main page.

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