What are the general safety requirements?
  • Rental dwellings shall meet all applicable building, health, fire, and related safety codes including: 
    • That each rental has working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom, outside sleeping area, and on all habitable floors; 
    • That each rental unit has working carbon monoxide detectors in every dwelling unit with an attached garage or fuel appliance.
    • That each rental has a properly maintained and charged fire extinguisher in each short-term rental unit; 
    • That each rental has GFCI receptacles within 6 feet of the outside edge of any sink. 
  • The overnight occupancy of a short-term rental shall not exceed the sum of two persons per bedroom plus an additional two persons. Children aged 12 and younger shall not be counted towards the overall number of occupants. 
  • Rentals shall not be operated outdoors, in an accessory structure, in a recreational vehicle, or any non-residential structure. 
  • The rental property shall meet all applicable requirements of the zone in which it is located. 

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