Beach Parking Project

The purpose of the Beach Parking Project is to provide order and predictability for parking in the Lewes Beach area.  The City of Lewes has been looking into options on addressing parking near Lewes Beach.  

The items that are a part of this project are from the Beach Parking Working Group. The Beach Parking Working Group and the Downtown Parking Working Group were created to address parking needs in the City.  A number of recommendations including reconfiguring the M&T Parking lot and adding additional on-street parking spaces on Third St. and Park Ave. have been implemented and addressed  The City is now looking at the recommendations from the Beach Parking Working Group.  

A Public Hearing will be held on March 10, 2022, at 6:00 pm in the Margaret Rollins Community Center at 101 Adams Ave. and via Zoom.  The City looks forward to your comments on the following items:

  • In order to resolve the inconsistencies determine whether all “no parking” zones should be identified in the City Code.
  • The Bay Avenue signage plan identified “emergency access streets” where parking restrictions would ensure that turning radii are sufficient for emergency vehicles. Staff recommends that these emergency access streets and associated requirements be codified. 
  • There has often been confusion and conflict surrounding parking on paper streets and former paper streets off Cedar Street. Determine whether these areas should be open for parking or signed as “no parking”. 
  • Feedback from the workshop suggested that other “no parking” areas be “striped” on the streets off Cedar Street. Consider if markings should be added to the pavement on side streets. 
  • The issue continues to arise about whether on-street parking spaces should be designated for residences with no off-street parking. Recognizing that with any redevelopment of lots off-street parking is required, should the City provide reserved on-street parking for residences with no off-street parking.
  • Delineate and/or meter parking at Roosevelt Inlet.

The following are charts containing some results from the Public Workshop.  

The following is the signage plan for the Bay Ave project.  Bay Ave Signage Plans 

A Public Workshop was held on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. The City thanks you for providing feedback.  

The recommendations from the Working Group that will be presented as part of the workshop are the following:

  • Creation of a parking permit
    • Type of permit, cost of a permit, etc.  
  • Type of mailboxes for residents
  • Parking space identification and delineation 
    • We want your likes and dislikes regarding the parking space identification performed
    • We want to know what is the best way to delineate parking spaces.  

Beach Parking Public Comments

Linked below is a document containing all the public comments that were submitted as a part of the Beach Parking Public Workshop on January 18, 2022. Comments have been organized by subject matter. Any comments that addressed multiple subjects were split into those subjects for the sake of organization.

Beach Parking Comments Categorized