City Trees

The City of Lewes manages trees on City property, such as in City parks, and street trees between the sidewalk and curb. The city maintains an inventory of City trees through a program with Bartlett Tree Experts called ArborScope. City code related to planting, pruning, maintenance, and removal of trees in the city is found in Lewes City Code Chapter 177 Trees.

The City's tree program includes planting trees on City property, and maintaining those trees by pruning, pest and disease control and other maintenance as appropriate. 

The city has been recognized as a Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation since 2001.

The most recent tree canopy resolution passed by Mayor and City Council on November 8, 2021, calls for increasing the tree canopy from 34.1% to 38% in 10 years. The most recent tree canopy measurement indicates the canopy of 34.1% in 2014.

Proper tree planting and maintenance is critical for the health of all trees.  To help you take care of trees on your property, please visit the link below for information on tree species, proper planting and general tree care. 

Tree Care Guidance