2019 Water Workshop

Water Workshop

Our first Water Workshop, held on February 21, 2019, is the first of many such workshops that we hope to organize so that we can start a dialog on a number of issues that are of critical importance to the City and its residents.  The Planning Commission strives to make the most informed decisions that we can make in our work; to that end, we need you to share your thoughts and questions with us, so that we may continue to refine the work that we do for the City.

Additionally, we intend to have other workshops on water issues, as well as workshops on other issues, in the future.  If you have ideas about other topics that we should consider covering in future workshops, as well as particular questions you have about those topics, please feel free to share those ideas here.

If you have comments regarding a particular application before the Planning Commission, you should navigate to the particular project description page and share your comments on the form at the bottom of that page, so that it may be captured for our consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your questions, your thoughts and your concerns.

Water Workshop Presentations