Wireless Facilities


Although wireless facilities are not new in the City of Lewes the increased use and rapid evolution of the technology has resulted in changes in the use of equipment.  To address the increasing demand for wireless services, providers plan to increase the capacity of their networks by deploying small cell antennas, primarily on poles and street lights in the public right-of-way to supplement and improve services.  The networks are also being upgraded to handle 5G signals which are expected to further expand the use and demands for data access.  While providers are moving forward with plans to upgrade their networks, communities like Lewes are evaluating the procedures used to permit the construction of the systems, using its local code and ordinances.  As the technology has evolved so too has new federal and state regulations, primarily to promote the expansion of the technology.  As a result of the federal and state rulings new laws have been adopted to "streamline" municipal review by exempting some topics from local review, defining review timetables and limiting fees that can be applied.  To ensure that residents and businesses can benefit from the new technology, while seeking to maintain the values that have been identified as important to protect, the City is evaluating its review processes.  It is anticipated that the outcomes will include code and ordinance updates, a revised permit application/review process and refined standards used to guide the design and placement of the system components.

The following diagram flowchart illustrates the proposed review process for any wireless facility application in the City of Lewes.

wireless review flowchart

Draft Material for Review 

The following working drafts are posted to provide a framework and basis for discussions. The working drafts are not complete in terms of specific details but will be discussed and refined by the Lewes Planning Commission at public meetings. The drafts will require thorough review by the City Engineer and Lewes Board of Public Works to ensure the specific collocation and construction details meet BPW standards. Once drafts are completed they will be considered by City Council following public notification and a public hearing.

  • DRAFT  Wireless Ordinance - working draft ordinance amendment that would be used to define purposes, applicability, wireless facility uses, and review procedures used to obtain of a wireless facility permit.   (see current DRAFT)
  • DRAFT  Wireless Application document - working draft intended to become an online form used by applicants to submit a wireless facility permit application and review material along with application instructions.  (see current DRAFT)
  • DRAFT  Wireless Facilities Siting and Design Standards - working draft that would become an online reference that describes wireless facility design guidelines and review criteria that would be considered during the permit review process. (see current DRAFT)

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