Election Information

The Annual City of Lewes Municipal Election is held on the Second Saturday of May starting at 8:00 am until 6:00 pm and shall be in compliance with the applicable provision of 15 Del. C. § 7501, et seq.

We are accepting voter registration forms electronically and by mail.


Voter Registration

Voter Registration Forms are now being accepted via e-mail and mail. Please send a copy of the completed form with a copy of your driver’s license to election@ci.lewes.de.us or City of Lewes, P.O. Box 227, Lewes, DE 19958.

(City of Lewes Charter Section 7)
A qualified voter must be 18 years of age by the date of the Annual Municipal Election and shall be a citizen of the United State and a citizen of the City of Lewes and must be registered in the Books of Registered Voters of the City of Lewes.  For the purposes of qualification, a citizen of the City of Lewes shall be deemed in included any persons who is a qualified voter of the State of Delaware and is a bona fide (full-time) resident of the City of Lewes.

No person shall be registered upon the Books of Registered Voters unless he will have acquired the qualification to vote in the Annual Municipal Election for the year in which he registers. A person shall be required to register only one (1) time, however, if the registered voter fails to vote in two (2) consecutive annual elections, his name shall be removed from the Books of Registered Voters and notice be sent, to the last address on record by registered mail with a return receipt advising that his name has been removed and it will be necessary to register again to vote in the next annual election.