Bulk Trash Pick-Up

Bulk trash collection is available on the fourth Wednesday of each summer month (June through September) and the fourth Wednesday of every other month (November through May) at a charge of $50 per pick-up. Pick-up can be scheduled by calling the City at 302-645-7777.

***The City has reached our maximum capacity for bulk trash pick-up requests for May 20 and May 28. We have added a free bulk pick-up day on June 3. Call (302) 645-7777 to schedule your pick-up. Call early to reserve. Once this is full, future bulk trash pick-up days will be in accordance with the trash calendar, and fees will be applicable.***

*** Due to high demand for bulk trash pick-up the City has added an additional FREE bulk trash pick-up day on June 3, 2020. If you have bulk items you need us to pick up, please call 302-645-7777 in advance to be placed on the list. ***

View the City Services Schedule here.

Items not collected include:

  • Appliances containing or having contained Freon
  • Business Generated Trash
  • Chemicals
  • Concrete
  • Construction Materials
  • Electronic Goods
  • Oil Paints and Paint Byproducts
    • Such as Turpentine
  • Tires
  • Tree Stumps
  • Yard Waste

There is a FREE bulk pickup on the second Wednesday in September and the four Wednesday’s in April each year.  No payment is required for these bulk pickup but you must call to schedule.