1812 Memorial Park

The 1812 Memorial Park is located a stone's throw from downtown Second Street and serves as the entrance to the Otis Smith City Dock. Also known as The Cannonball Park, it is situated at the corner of Savannah Road and Front Street, along the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal.

This park was created to commemorate the defense of Lewes against a two-day bombardment by the British fleet on April 6 to 7, 1813. Many cannon balls from the attack were collected by local residents and preserved to this day.

The site was a defense battery during the War of 1812 and is marked by a granite monument placed by the National Society, U.S. Daughters of 1812. Four large guns on the upper lumps were contributed by the government. Between them is a small gun believed taken from a pirate vessel abandoned in the creek. A three-inch naval gun on the lower terrace, used during World War 1, was placed by the American Legion in 1930.